Love is a Mix Tape

I just finished the book Love is a Mix Tape whose format of starting with a section with the mix title and track listing had me eating up the book and the getting teary about it. It was not only his poignant description of losing his wife but also the mourning for losing the progress and optimism of the 90s that had me crying. With lots of punk, much of the music is foreign to me. In fact I have never heard of his favorite band Pavement. Still the whole of the memoir grabbed me. So much of life has music threading in through it to tie into memory like strong sinew.

So many songs have direct access to memories. Peace Frog by the doors puts a perfect image of Leverett at three am, that latino-techno mix is being plunged into a warm summer waterfall and falling madly in love, Abba is for new found freedom and lingerie disco parties, Oasis is for the monkey and his specially made games just for me. Every person, phase, location and mindset from my life could be described musically. The very best combination of memory and music are mix tapes.

So now I have a playful idea. Who wants to do a little playlist pingpong with me? Start my sending me a song and I will add another back to you, we repeat until we get over the 60 minutes of music mark then next up reorders and the next person names it. Doesn’t that sound like fun.

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  1. Fynn Says:

    Clear, inrevmatifo, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

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