I’m staying with Robin for the week and just before I left she tagged with a meme in which I am to start enumerating weird things about myself and stop at seven. Well that is a piece of cake. I’m unique like everyone else. I could keep right on going even after seven, but then comes the hard part. I am then to tag seven other bloggers with the same meme. No can do. Sounds way too much like a chain letter and I am always the deadend street for those. If anyone sends me anything with “send this to you whole address book in it,” I take great joy in looking up the claim in snopes and replying with the bust-the-myth link right back. Not only that but I am concerned about tagging people, do I even have seven people to tag who haven’t done this already? So on the way here from the airport I could say “hey Robin do you care if I just don’t play along?” and good thing she doesn’t.

When I was on yahoo personals this winter, I was chatting with a guy who had an ad with the tag line Ten Things I’m not Afraid to Admit. It was funny, a nice change from the drab my perfect date would be dinner and a movie. He had me reply with ten things I’m not afraid to admit. So dutifully I list them all out. His response, six are funny three are downright disturbing. Well that’s me sixty percent funny, thirty percent disturbing. They were all a little off and would be good meme fodder. I just went to yahoo personals to take a look at the list in thought that maybe I might do the seven part. They deleted my mailbox. I’m a little sad at this. They didn’t delete my mailbox in between the first go with it and the second (ten months of dating AgentY) but now they did. Do you think they saw my YDTiPs post? OK, definitely no sevens meme now.

Instead let me give you a conversation from the flight, this is during delay after thunderstorms in Detroit
annoyed business guy: can you believe three days travel for a two hour meeting. who are they loading? why do they get to go, do you think I can just get in line now?
pct: Gee you really want to get and just sit for a long time. I doubt getting on earlier gets you actually off the plane in Seattle any faster
abg: well I like to sit, (growl) why don’t the load the plane from the back
pct: well someday when you are king you can fix the world. I’m sure it will be more efficient
abg: that is my title… I am an engineer

He said engineer as if he was saying superhero who saved the world 11 and a half times since lunch. I am thinking overpaid egomaniac with very little social skills. How glad am I that you really aren’t king. While waiting for the tram to take us to the terminal he said “you made it ok” and I said sure and pointed to my earphones, that were doling out Augusten Burroughs, a way better choice than bad small talk with the king. “Have a nice meeting”

Driving downtown Ellensburg yesterday I saw a sign on the back of a truck. “Single guy seeks female companionship 509…..” I so wanted to call and ask the guy how that was working out but Robin didn’t drive close enough for me to get the number. This in the long run is probably for the best but I am sad to miss the rare opportunity to check on the benefits and tragedies of an emerging new dating venue. Maybe, I think, we will start seeing sticker campaigns more and more. For a good time call… Single White Male seeks Trophy Wife. These will appear on cars, trash cans and of course bathroom stalls.
The Avery 5160 version of Craig’s List.

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  1. sizzle Says:

    i think i might have dated that engineer. ;)

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