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Home Scene

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

RainbowSo nice to sleep in my bed and wake up to Funk walking on my back and head butting me.

Here I am happily back to work, refreshed and full of ideas. To add to my glee, my office had a rainbow in it this morning.

I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.









causeI should admit it isn’t magic
but it sure feels that way.

National Joe Day

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

National Joe Day is a chance to change your name, if only for today. I like my name, so I am going to stay Christine even for today. Maybe there is something else I want to chat about today.

I have a housemate already named Joe. I often refer to him behind his back as Joe the awesome housemate. JTAH from here on out. When I first saw this holiday I thought it was in celebration of existing Joes of the world. JTAH is well worth celebrating. Since there are so many reasons why Joe is awesome if you do not want to change your name to Joe you could adopt some of his wonderful aspects.

  1. Reads my blog. In fact, he will likely be the first person to see this since he gets up before the birds
  2. Sets up the coffee for me. This has made a tremendous difference in my world. I wake up, press go, check google reader and hear the lovely gurgle of espresso. I am in a great mood before with the first whiff.
  3. Placates my mom’s husband by talking trucks when he is tyrant style pissy for not being able to follow the directions to my house for the forty gazillionth time. JTAH says this is easy. I, however, think he is a miracle worker.
  4. Puts the seat down. Fixes things I can’t or have gotten used to and didn’t notice they sucked, waters the plants if I am neglectful, feeds Funk, and actually likes to shovel snow.
  5. Lets me watch movies on his big tv
  6. Cracks up at things on the computer and doesn’t mind if I keep pestering him about what is funny. They are always a hoot

Hurah for Joes everywhere! Even if you are just taking the name for the day. For me I will strive to be a more awesome housemate on Joe Day. I am spending all day flying home so I will have to let this post do it for me.

Ahh that is better

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

The air smells like flowers here. A breeze will hit and suddenly your whole self is suffused with honeysuckle, freesia or that spicy yellow bush that is all over the side of the road. I found mushrooms (a few little oysters), laid on the beach, got a little sunburnt. I ate outside thinking Lori would be jealous until I remembered that she is in Paris. I think I may just do it all again today. With sunscreen this time.
Its funny the things you notice being in a different place, driving a different car, getting mostly out of regular life. Yesterday I started noticing alarms. The microwave, the car has different alarms for driver and passenger seatbelt, the keys left, the siren then train in Santa Cruz, the stove timer, but the once familiar ones like Rebekah’s cell phone and mine that rang at 5:40 am yesterday by the one person on the planet who hadn’t heard me gloating I was coming for California. I am going to try to record sounds today and post them.

Happy Spring

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Dear Snow,
I’m just not feeling the magic any more in our relationship. Although I do remember that first magical night, it was so romantic. Everything felt beautiful. But things have changed, you have been so darn heavy lately. Frankly I am looking for something new, I need a change. I am leaving for California this afternoon and I really hope you will be gone when I get back. No offense, but I have my heart set on flowers soon.

Peeping Season

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

I think this is a perfect combination
and car antennae!
It is the season just before spring, when little sugared faux ducks line the aisles of stores. Are they good to eat? No, not in my opinion, but their price tag is a super packed value for gobs of anonymous fun. I picked this up several years ago at a party where I was casually warned that if I parked there, my car would surely be peeped. All the cars on the drive and lawn had marshmallow mass produced spring candies at the top of their antennae. I parked, I got peeped and it stayed until the rain melted it.
I just peeped all the cars parked at my town’s country store (9). Just think what you can do at a mall with $5. Peeping the store