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My story of abundance is stronger

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

My story of abundance is stronger
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Maybe I don’t have to

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

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I wish instead of manifesting something when I fear being manipulative

I could just keep driving

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

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Also titled I want to move to Neptune

Collage Book 4

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Book 4 Cover

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I will be adding more pages soon.

Come to collage camp you can have as much fun with art journals as I am!

This is so bad I can’t even title it.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Recently there was a status running around facebook that said “No one should die because they don’t have healthcare. No one should go broke because they get sick. If you agree post this as your status for the rest of the day” I saw a gazillion of them. Some with really good variations like “no one should be stuck in a job because of a pre-existing condition.” I thought to start a new trend with people speaking in their own words their sentiments on the totally pathetic state of our health care system. Mine was:

Christine Texiera’s writing her own health care related status. (Feel free to copy or make your own) Christine thinks it is pathetic that the US has the most spending per person in the world and ranks 37th for health care. Why do people want to fight tooth and nail not to change a system that is both expensive and sucky?

This came right around the time I heard the following true story. My dear friends sister, who I will refer to as MTF went to the doctor’s office about four years ago with a painful alarming issue with her goods. The doc promptly diagnosed her with herpes, sent her away with a prescription, and ordered a blood test to confirm. MTF was as you can imagine completely upset with this finding. Unlike lots of people though, she did what she was supposed to. Through tears, embarrassment she went back through her (imo meager) sexual history to notify past partners. They all said pretty much – hmmm wasn’t me, I don’t have herpes. She would speculate who was lying and who maybe just didn’t know and wouldn’t face it. This whole time she is facing her new reality of living with the not dangerous but very stigma’ed virus. She would date, have hopes and then have “that” conversation with her intended lover. Hopes dashed repeatedly, she moved on to dating only from a herpes positive website. The smaller pool of choices made for some adjustments in standards. But life went on in sort of the usual way.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when that status was making the run around. Having gone to a certain point in a relationship the conversations about possible sexual relations lead to a trip to the doctors for a std screening. MTF tells the doc (a new one since the other is on leave) not to bother with the herpes test since she already knows that she is positive. Looking through the chart the doc asked what makes her think she has herpes, and why had she taken this medication (for herpes.) She tells him of the diagnosis and he says no. Then shows her that the test results were in fact negative. As in negative four years ago and no one told her. No one systematically gave her the results because they were negative. No one let her know that she could live her life without confessing to every lover potential and invalid health risks which were contingent on being intimate with her. No one let her know that she didn’t have to edit her personal life to only people with positive test results. People that actually turned out to be the health risk to her. Un.fucking.believable.
MTF called a lawyer. Really who can blame her? I am normally quite anti lawsuit, but this is totally pathetic. She was awaiting test results to see if her edited lifestyle gave her the std she didn’t actually have.

I can’t help but think THIS is the healthcare system we pay more than any other country in the world for. This instance isn’t a single alone instance, nor is it commonplace, but it happened. When my dear friend told me of this I told her that for the amount that we spend on tests (whether the insurance pays for them or not) we really should see the results, and for that matter the cost.

The other thing that generally bugs me about health insurance is that we have become completely unaware of the cost. How much was my emergency room visit. Most people would say the copay amount. Unlike with car insurance where you see how much the crash was and what you pay for car repairs. I’m not thinking people should individually pay more but when you see the price tag you hold it to a certain quality standard. Also when you see how much it costs to get stitches in an emergency room there is more likely to develop another lower cost kind of quick care facility for breaks and slices. It is all because it is a job related benefit that we don’t pay much attention to unless we don’t have it. Nuts if you ask me. Why is having your stitches from opening a wine bottle that cracked completely paid for because you have a job? I have heard that it came about because the government was trying to curb inflation and didn’t want companies to give people raises to they concocted this to compete for employees. Wild. Now we have the most expensive system that is half way down the list for quality by country. Nuts.

There is lots of room for improvement in out health care system. I hope the crazies don’t squash every possible betterment because it doesn’t match their ideal. It will be nice to see things get better.