On Your Mark  



On Your Mark Collaborative Art Project Fall Winter 2013

Groups of 4 artists will collaborate on 4 - 8x10 paintings.

Each artist will submit a "sketch" for a painting and receive additional sketches from other artists to paint over the winter.

The sketch can be anything: photograph, digital manipulation or a sketch on paper, digital or paper format

The sketches will then be scanned, printed on good quality paper and clear gesso will be applied.

Then sets of four sketches will be mailed to each artist. Paint them over the winter 2013-14, in any media you chose.

Finish by March 21, 2014

When complete the artist will submit a good digital representation of the work. (scan, high quality photo or slide)

They will be shown on the web, a book of the project will be created and possibly displayed physically at a gallery yet to be determined.

Submit your sketch and $25 electronically to ctexiera@gmail.com or by mail to 119 Lockes Village Road, Wendell, MA 01379

Submissions due October 21


Intended Paper: 140lb hot press, smooth, watercolor paper printed on a Xerox 7556 with a coat of clear gesso. (Subject to testing which is happening now)

What's the cost? The cost of $25 per submission will cover paper, postage, and photocopies. The remainder will be returned to each artist when they submit high quality digital copies of the work. In the end the finished work is the property of the artist who paints the piece to do with as they please.

If there is a possibility of a gallery show it is expected that artists will have their work shown if at all possible.

If submitted on paper the original sketch will be returned to the artist with the pieces to be painted.


Massachusetts Cultural CouncilThis project funded in part by the Wendell Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Masachusetts Cultural Council.